Lana Petru
Dr. Lana Petru is President and CEO of Líder·ology Consulting Group (LCG) focusing on leadership development. LCG develops customized learning that supports strategic business initiatives in various subject matters including, process improvement, continuous improvement, change management, and diversity and inclusion. Dr. Petru has been instrumental in the growth and implementation of learning content delivery for corporate and executive education in organizations across the country. She is dedicated to supporting organizations with learning strategies that improve performance.

Dr. Petru has worked in education for approximately 20 years with the last 15 years in the areas of business development and professional education. The foundation of Dr. Petru’s expertise comes from her experience in instructional design, and curriculum and content development as a K-12 educator. Dr. Petru has developed several post-secondary education programs including Spanish language, English language, diversity, and leadership programs. Dr. Petru’s years of extensive research in leadership for her dissertation position her as an expert in most leadership theories, especially Transformational Leadership. Her exploration of transformational leadership established the impact leadership style has on organizational success. Dr. Petru has also conducted extensive research in “Element of the Bond” Theory, Adult Learning Theory, Multiculturalism, and Dispute Resolution Theory.

Some of Dr. Petru’s more recent activities include her work as Subject Matter Expert for the development of the Women of ALPFA Leadership Workshop Series. Dr. Petru also conducts guest lecture and speaking engagements for several non-profit organizations on the following topics; leadership, conflict resolution, women’s leadership, multi-cultural issues, diversity, literacy and language development, educational reform, and sports education for women. She was recently the Keynote Speaker for AHRMA on their Diversity Day in September 2016 where she spoke on, “The Importance of Engagement: Going Beyond Diversity to Overcome the Barriers to Inclusion”. Dr. Petru’s work as Co-Founder of a nonprofit, PODER2Educate, demonstrates her commitment to education and serving the community. PODER2Educate’s mission is to make a positive impact on student success by increasing parent engagement in schools.
Dr. Petru has served as an adjunct faculty for several higher education institutions in the areas of general education, teacher education, and leadership.

Dr. Petru earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English with minors in both Spanish and Sociology from the University of Texas. She also completed a Master’s of Arts in Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Dr. Petru has completed extensive graduate work in Sociology and Political Science and she is a licensed non-attorney mediator through Texas State University-San Marcos. Dr. Petru is also an EQ Certified Facilitator and possesses other certifications in various leadership related assessment tools. Dr. Petru was one of the 2015 Diversity Champion Award Recipients with the Texas Diversity Council.