Marie currently is the HP Inc. Separation Management Office (SMO) Finance Lead charged with: Standing up all the major Financial processes we have today in time for a Day1 start in November 2015, Ensuring we have an audited Financial history of HP.Inc spanning the last 3 years, and Building an end-point vision for HP.Inc Finance we can manage to.

Prior to being selected for the Separation role, Marie was Vice President for PPS HQ and Strategy Finance responsible for: The Program Management Office for the Make It Better Program, Supporting the Web Services team, and Finance support for PPS Sales Operations and Marketing teams.

Previous roles include Interim head of the Global Audit Department, VP of Finance for PSG Americas, VP and Americas Controller, and Chief Audit Executive for HP where she was responsible for re-building the audit department after the Compaq acquisition.

Marie joined Compaq in 1997 to manage operations in the Enterprise and Enterprise Storage business unit. Before Compaq, she held several management positions in Australia for the Department of Trade and Industry and Treasury.